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Frederick Live Music - 9/23-9/30

I'm playing at Rockwell on Saturday - it should be a good time. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've played there when you can sit outside without melting AND I have some songs coming out, so lets have some fun! :) If not me, come support another local musician at a local business.

SOME (but far from all) are on this Spotify playlist: Frederick Music Playlist

You can follow me on Facebook or IG (handles at the bottom of the post) and share there too to help promote some of the AMAZING local artists.

Thursday -

- Pebble to Pearl 5p-8p @alive @ five Carroll Creek Amphitheater

- Sparrow Smith 5p-8p @Linganore Winecellars

- Freddie Long 6p-9p @Idiom Brewing Co

- Open Mic - Signup 5:30 6p-9p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- The Darryl Brenzel Duo 7p-9p @Tenth Ward Distilling Company

- Signs of the Swarm / Worm Shepherd 7p- @Cafe 611

- Christian Harper 10p-1:30a @Bushwallers

Friday -

- Bill Gibson 5p-7p @Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard

- Humbalaya 5p-7p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Ordinary People featuring Darrin Carter 5p-8p @Linganore Winecellars

- Humbalaya 5p-7p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Ed Barney 5p-8p @Wormans Mill

- Brahman Noodles 5p-8p @Milkhouse Brewery

- Bill Wilkinson & Hannah Martin 5p-8p @The Comus Inn

- Brian Harris & Miles Lieder 7p-10p @Idiom Brewing Co

- Park Valley 7p-10p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- Troll Tribe 8p-11p @Smoketown Creekside

- One Blue Night 8p-10p @Tenth Ward Distilling Company

- Quasi Flannel 10p-1:30a @Bushwallers

- Dave Huber - @Black Ankle Vineyards

Saturday -

- Bilgewater 1p-4p @Big Cork Vineyards

- Mariah Jean 1p-4p @Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard

- Empty Ecstasy 1p-4p @Linganore Winecellars

- Truly Unruly 2p-5p @Springfield Manor

- John Cook 3p-6p @Rockwell Brewery

- Sunniva 5p-7p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Sarno & Hess 5p-8p @Wormans Mill

- Lizzie West 5p-8p @Milkhouse Brewery

- The Grasso Brothers 5p-8p @The Comus Inn

- ilyAIMY @ Sky Stage - 7:30p-10p

- Flatfoot Sam 8p-11p @Smoketown Creekside

- Gator Dust 8p-10p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- The Learned Doctors 10p-1:30a @Bushwallers

- Alte Kumpel Band 12p-4p @The Comus Inn

- Bilgewater - @Big Cork Vineyards

- Marshal Fuzz, Words For Hands, Mahogany Bees - @Olde Mother Brewing Co

Sunday -

- Jacob Panic 1p-4p @Linganore Winecellars

- Danah Koch 2p-5p @Idiom Brewing Co

- The Woo Yeahs 2p-5p @Springfield Manor

- Abbey Dana 3p-6p @Milkhouse Brewery

- Rob and Dave from Brickyard 3p-5p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- Kenny Ray Horton 5p-8p @The Comus Inn

- Gator Dust 8p-10p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- Shane Gamble 9p-11:30p @Bushwallers

- Shane Gamble - @Big Cork Vineyards

Monday -

- Bluegrass Jam 7p- @Smoketown Creekside

Tuesday -

- Brady Danger 7p-9p @Olde Mother Brewing Co

- Open Mic 6p-8p @ Rockwell Brewery

Wednesday -

- Open Mic 9p-12a @ Cellar Door Signup @ 8p

Disclaimer - I only know what I'm told or can find. If you'd like add something to the list for this week, drop it in the comments. If you have something for a future date, shoot me a PM and I'll add it to the list.

Want to help? Share the posts on Facebook and Instagram - FB: @johnalexcook IG:@johnalexcook

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