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Frederick Live Music - 9/8 - 9/15

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Here's the live music in Frederick this week!

NOW - people asked me what these bands sound like... SOME (but not all) are on this Spotify playlist: Frederick Music Playlist

This week, I'm going to add this to my website and will update the post with a link once thats done. That should give you a page to bookmark id you want to refer to it through the weekend. Several times, I've had to search back through my posts to find the information I wanted.

Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook or IG (handles at the bottom of the post) and share there too to help promote some of the AMAZING local artists.

Thursday -

- Elikeh 5p-8p @alive @ five Carroll Creek Amphitheater

- Matthew Vernon 6p-9p @Idiom Brewing Co

- IAU Band 7p-9p @Tenth Ward Distilling Company

- Brady Danger 5p-8p @Linganore Winecellars

- John Zorn 5p-8p @Comus Inn

- Open Mic - Signup 5:30 6p-9p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- Timmie Metz 10p-1:30a @Bushwallers

Friday -

- Bill Gibson 5p-7p @Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard

- Daniel John Roberts 5p-7p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Old Line 5 7p-9p @Smoketown Creekside

- Ken Gutberlet - @Black Ankle Vineyards

- Hi Moon Band 8p-10p @Tenth Ward Distilling Company

- Jason Teach 5p-8p @Linganore Winecellars

- Daniel John Roberts 5p-7p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Kenny & Joel 5p-8p @Comus Inn

- Benefactor Events 5p-8p @Wormans Mill

- Shag 10p-1:30a @Bushwallers

- No Nelsons 6p-9p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

Saturday -

- Brian Harris 1p-4p @Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard

- Rock Creek Revival 4p-7p @Waredaca Brewing Company

- Legzz 8p-11p @Smoketown Creekside

- Andy Carignan - @Black Ankle Vineyards

- Alyssa Shouse - @Big Cork Vineyards

- Cory Cotter 5p-7p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Juliet Lloyd 11a-3p @Comus Inn

- The Grasso Brothers 4p-8p @Comus Inn

- Johnny DuRant 5p-8p @Wormans Mill

- Brewfest - Ragged Company - @Milkhouse Brewery at Sillpoint Farm

- Brewfest - Rays of Violet - @Milkhouse Brewery at Sillpoint Farm

- Brewfest - Rock Creek Revival - @Milkhouse Brewery at Sillpoint Farm

- Twenty Dollar Project 10p-1:30a @Bushwallers

- Skatt Daddy 2p-5p @Springfield Manor

- The Pom Poms 8p-10p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- Michelle Hannan and One Blue Night - In The Streets (WFRE Stage)

Sunday -

- Brahmen Noodles 2p-4p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- Jason Masi - @Big Cork Vineyards

- Jacob Panic 2p-5p @Idiom Brewing Co

- The Have Nots 1p-4p @Linganore Winecellars

- Brahmen Noodles 2p-4p @Monocacy Brewing Co

- No Stop Light 2p-6p @Comus Inn

- Lauren Sumner 9p-11:30p @Bushwallers

- 5.5 Men 2p-5p @Springfield Manor

- Kenny & Cristi 'Distilled' 3p-5p @Steinhardt Brewing Co

- Goat Charmers 3p-6p @Milkhouse Brewery

Monday -

- Bluegrass Jam 7p- @Smoketown Creekside

Tuesday -

- Wayne Snow 7p-9p @Olde Mother Brewing Co

- Open Mic 6p-8p @ Rockwell Brewery

Wednesday -

- Open Mic 9p-12a @ Cellar Door Signup @ 8p

Disclaimer - I only know what I'm told or can find. If you'd like add something to the list for this week, drop it in the comments. If you have something for a future date, shoot me a PM and I'll add it to the list.

Want to help? Share the posts on Facebook and Instagram - FB: @johnalexcook IG:@johnalexcook

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