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Take an English inability to express emotions, an obtuse sense of humor and upside down view of the world, mix them through classic British folk music, modern American country music, add spice from southern and roots rock and Britpop... And you might have some idea of how John Cook writes and performs. 

With songs on subjects as diverse as cars, couches, potholes, and one night stands, and covers ranging from Joan Baez to Bon Jovi to Jason Isbell, John sings a range of material as wide as his influences and combines it with a stage banter that doesn't take life, himself or his songs too seriously!

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John Cook is an acoustic guitarist, mandocellist, singer and songwriter based in Frederick, Maryland, playing in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia area. 
John started writing songs after a long ferry ride home to England from France when he was 13. His first songs were about a girl, and he played them on a small Yamaha keyboard (using the cheesy 80s built in sounds), shortly followed by a switch to the guitar when he moved to the United States in 2000. After many badly played notes and the purchase of a larger trash can to hold many of his songs, John finally started performing his songs live while in High School.
While in college at the University of Maryland, John made a small splash in the Washington DC music scene. He played with some local celebrities, ran one of the most popular open mics in the Washington DC area and wrote and recorded with the band Bette Noir. After a break to focus on family and life and is now sharing some of his most recent obtuse takes on life, love, family, and Facebook.

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